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Sound and Energy Healing

In a Way That Feels Aligned to you 


Reiki Infused Sound Bath

An evening of energy rebalancing. We'll begin with an intention setting meditation and gently transition into sound healing, allowing you to drift into a Theta state. This brainwave is powerful for shifting thought patterns, accessing inner connection, and for deep healing. Near the end of the sound bath you'll receive a few moments of hands-on reiki for deeper healing. There will also be time for silence, oracle cards, reflection, and integration.​



Local Events, Retreats & More

You can find Align Sound Healing in collaboration with other space-holders at local events, collaborations, retreats and more in Stamford and surrounding areas.

Our offerings for events are updated regularly, please check back soon if nothing appears.

A Quick Note About Private Appointments

My neighbors have a building project underway, which happens to be on the other side of my home studio. Due to this, there may be unavoidable construction noise during private sessions. However, I understand that this noise may not be an issue for some, and I trust you'll make the right decision for your needs in regards to booking these appointments.




Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that gently nurtures your body's innate healing wisdom - helping to release stress, restore balance, and bring a sense of well-being to your subtle and energetic body.

These sessions are an invitation to pause - as you lie comfortably, and fully clothed, the universal life force energy will be channeled through me via gentle, non-invasive touch. Reiki works intuitively flowing to where it is most needed.


Sound Massage

In a Sound Massage, Tibetan singing bowls are gently placed upon your fully clothed body. Each bowl is carefully selected and positioned along your energy centers, allowing the vibrations and frequencies to permeate your being. This offering is a deeply immersive experience, inviting your physical and energetic bodies into a state of balance.



1:1 Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in the sacred space of a private 1:1 sound healing session, Immerse yourself in the sacred space of a private 1:1 sound healing, where the transformative power of sound and vibration allow you to surrender and embrace a journey of inner healing and deep relaxation.


2:1 Sound Healing

Step into a room of shared serenity and connection as you and your guest embark on a sound healing session together. This experience invites you to bask in the healing vibrations and create a sacred space where your physical bodies can rest and begin to heal.

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